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We convert websites so that they are mobile friendly. We do this by making your existing website responsive - this means that depending on what size device the website is being viewed with it will show content that fits the screen and remains highly functional whilst keeping professional look (check out this very website for example).

What's more, this work is done to your existing website design - no need to fork out for a whole new website or a complete dedicated mobi version of your website or app.

Be compatible with all known mobile devices including:
AndroidAppleWindowsBlackberryOpera MobileKindle

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Why does your website need to be mobile friendly / responsive?

Well it's not just as the name suggests, i.e., just to be nice and friendly to people who are using mobiles. In fact, having a responsive and device friendly website will benefit your business greatly.

Take a look at some of these interesting statistics and decide for yourself...

In 2014 the number of mobile internet users (tablets, mobiles etc) will surpass the number of users browsing the internet via a desktop computer. There is more...

52%of Visitors ↓

...will leave your website if they find that its not mobile or tablet friendly, just at first glance if they think it will be hard work to use. That's over half of mobile visitors who won't become your customers already.

40%Chance ↓

...that if a user is not happy with your website they will go and visit a competitors. Get ahead of your competitors now and become the website in your niche that device users know they can use with ease.

50%of Local Searches ↓

... are performed on mobile devices. This really matters if you have real world business or one that relies on local trade. Think about it, if your at home or out and about what is the first thing you reach for to find something out? Probably your Tablet or your phone.

61%of Mobile Users ↓

...who find your business while searching online end up calling the business. After all they have their phone in their hand - having a responsive website could keep your phones ringing.

59%of Callers ↓

...end up visiting the business they called - the same people who searched on their mobile to find you and found an easy to navigate mobile friendly website to spark thier interest and let them know the phone number.

50%of Mobile Users ↓

...who found your business online will end up converting into a purchasing customer. If they are not able to purchase online easily using the device they have in their hand right now - it is unlikely they will come back later again on their computer.

59%of Callers ↓

...end up visiting the business they called - the same people who searched on their mobile to find you and found an easy to navigate mobile friendly website.

57%Less Likely ↓

... to get a recommendation by a tablet user to their friends if they have a bad browsing experience.

One example of a good device friendly website is ebay. Try visiting that site on your phone. Before, when they just had a web version of the site no one would dream of using their phone to use ebay - it was just too difficult to use - now that it's easy ebay saw a 133% increase in mobile volume.

Statistics obtained from various sources on the internet (via mobile!)


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